Into the Gloom

Launching Vega went without a hitch and 30 minutes later we were tied up to Preveza town quay and heading off to the super market for provisions. Next stop was Corfu town to meet up with the kids and my mum and dad.

As we slipped away from Preveza at 6am the following morning it was grey and overcast. A few shards of sunlight were just breaking through the heavy sky, lighting patches of the Ionian a bright orange against the dark clouds. The sky looked foreboding, yet beautiful and as we cleared the channel it started to rain.  So with wet weather gear on, we navigated our way north and into the gloom hoping to ride the forecast southerly 12 hours north to Corfu.

After a couple of hours enjoying a F4 from behind we logged on for a weather up date and we’re surprised to see that a F7 was now forecast in our area. Not ideal for our shakedown sail but we busied ourselves getting Vega ready for a bit of a blow. Luckily, it never came and by the next forecast update there was no sign of any serious weather… guess it was a Greek weather forecasting glitch… still, it made us get Vega ship shape pretty quick!

The southerly held good and after a long day we dropped anchor in Corfu Town. Last time we were here it was September and it was full of yachts. On this rainy May evening there were just 3 boats anchored here. The next day was brighter and we motored around the headland to Gouvia marina to await the arrival of the rest of the family.

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  1. Love Ben’s hat and Milly would fit in to the hippy scene here with her tie dyed shirt and scarf. Missing you. Gruff and Pop


  2. We launched our yacht from Preveza in July (a bit late this year, due to moving house back in UK). We are currently anchored in Garitsa Bay waiting for guests to arrive from the airport. My husband is too mean to go into Gouvia, he doesn’t like marinas. He is making the guests walk from the airport then will pick them up in the dinghy! So far this year we have sailed to Lefkas, Meganissi, Ithaca, Kastos, Kalamos, Paxos and Corfu, plus many mainland places.


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