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After 3 years of weekend and holiday sailing we have decided to cast off the lines and go cruising on a 42 ft yacht. Who knows what the future holds….who knows how we will adapt to life on the ocean wave…this page lets you know a little bit about us!


Rich – Skipper and wannabe adventurer.

Richard came from a sailing family and grew up on yachts. As a kid, every weekend and holiday was spent sailing on 20 something ft yachts in the lake district. These formative years gave him great insights in to boat ownership, removing a jammed roller furling drum in -10 deg. C, hands frozen to the forestay, being dipped head first into freezing water to retrieve a fuel hose connector or learning to sail in his home built, sprit rigged dinghy that was intent on digging her bow in and pitch poling every time she was pointed down wind…cold, often wet, but always fun. Like an episode of the “wonder years” he would spend hours watching his dad fix leaks and tweak engines, being expected to pass the right tool into the right dark hole based on nothing more than a series of grunts and groans….and all the time wondering why he did it and pondering whether this was what life held in store; spending weekends in cramped, rocking spaces trying to fix things….well yes, this is exactly what life had in store. But doing it in the sun is so much more fun.

Heather – First mate and problem solver.

Heather grew up on boats, but never learnt to sail…she was usually found down below asleep or, well… asleep. Being an annoyingly quick learner Heather recently completed her yachtmaster theory and coastal skipper practical qualifications and is now vying for promotion from first mate to skipper. Heather is handy on a boat, the daughter of a surgeon, she seems to have picked up the “fixing gene” and seems to have the ability to fix anything with duct tape and cable ties. Her tenacity has been known to rival that of the honey badger.

Milly – Watch Leader and free spirit.

Quiet, relaxed and thoughtful, Milly will normally be found painting, paddling about in her kayak, fishing and keeping a close eye on the sail trim.

Ben – Pirate and explorer.

A live wire with boundless energy and a lust for life. You always know where he is because of the noise and the trail of destruction he leaves behind him. Could come in handy as a spare battery.

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  1. Rich, putting a t-shirt on for your profile photo wouldn’t kill you… I had to turn down my screen brightness because of your pasty English skin tones.

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  2. Looking forward to following you across the waves…..will miss your happy faces around the schoolyard. Safe travels 😘


  3. Having just been shown the ‘About’ page by Raven (who obviously hasn’t got enough to do) I have to say I am concerned that your skin tones will not cope with a summer in the Med!

    The updates so far have been most entertaining.


  4. Love the blog , where are you lads now ? We are a cruising family, currently sitting in strong winds med moored in folegrandos …enjoying the Easter activities !. Ye’re route plan 2016 looks something similar to our ever changing one ….. Stop in for a beer if ye’re close ….. Look out for ” Antigoni” …. Always keen to meet other travellers with kids …. Maybe Ye have already passed through …. If so safe travels … It’s certainly blowing at the moment

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  5. Hey there have just finished reading your entire blog – so inspiring! We are also hoping to take our family of 5 (3 kids age 13,11 and 9) on a similar trip next year. We live in NZ but hoping to buy a boat in Greece around March and then join the ARC in nov. We are looking at Moody’s too! Any advice you could give us especially on the buying process would be great!


  6. Hi Jasmine, So glad you stumbled across our blog !! We have heaps of advice on buying yachts esp. Moodys…I will drop you an email in the next couple of days. Have you found the Moody Owners Association web page?



    1. Hi Rich, I just saw Jasmine’s post and it made me smile, I was about to post the exact same message! We are a growing family also in NZ and looking at buying a Moody in the Med soon. We would also love to get in touch with you over email to pick your brain on the buying process in the Med if you have time.

      Looking forward to hearing about your trip up through Croatia this summer.

      Dave and Ruth


  7. Hi Rich, Jasmine’s post made me laugh, I was going to say exactly the same thing! We also live in NZ and looking to get a boat in the Med in the not too distant future. A moody 425 is at the top of our wish list, but we would love to find out more about the buying process in Europe and get a feel for what the market is like. Please drop us an email if you have some time, we would love to pick you brain!

    Really enjoying the blog, looking forward to hearing about your sailing this summer
    Dave and Ruth


  8. Hi Rich, Heather, Milly and Ben,

    We are watching you!!! Glad you are enjoying it so much that you have started your third year. How far ahead do your plans go?

    Cheers, Elizabeth and John


    1. Hi John & Elizabeth!

      Great to hear from you and to know that you have been following Vega’s travels! She has turned out to be a great boat (we always knew she would) and has looked after us in some real bows. Think you will be happy to know that we are taking her home to Australia this year…but on a container ship, not under her own sails. So she will be having her next adventures in the Pacific Ocean! keep in touch, Richard, Heather, Milly and Ben!


  9. Hi Rich and Heather, I have been searching for a family who has sailed the med through winter with kids. We are collecting our yacht in Leros at the end of July for the start of our exciting new adventure. We are currently in Brisbane, Australia, going through the painful process of selling up. Only 6 weeks to go before my husband heads off. Anyway, I have SO many questions and would love to chat to you, via Skype/email/whatsapp. My kids will be 4 and 7 when we get there.


    1. Hey Lisa. Thanks for getting in touch! You have lots of fun times ahead…it may all seem daunting, but it will all work out. The last few weeks of getting everything packed up etc is always chaos especially with a young family. We actually didn’t do a winter in the med..we did the european summer then the aussie summer then euro summer..but we have plenty of friends who have. Most don’t sail during the winter months but there are popular spots for living onboard over the winter months. In particular, Crete, Malta and Sicily spring to mind. One of the most popular spots for families in Marina di Ragussa on the south of Sicily. There are always plenty of families wintering here and a kind of floating community establishes itself….The med is a wonderful place to cruise with a family. Easy, simple, friendly, lots of yachts and people to meet, but its also easy to escape the crowds. There are a number of Facebook pages…ie women who sail the med, kids for sail and med sailing all of which are awesome resources for sailors in the med…so check them out. Super to Happy to Chat, email us on richie.clement@gmail.com


  10. Hey Rich and Heather,

    We’re in the Basin tonight (29th Dec) then picking up a mooring in Careel Bay for a couple of days. Let us know when you guys are heading back, it would be nice to catch up for drink before you have to head back to the grind!


    Liz and Lucan (Sweetpea)


  11. Really interesting reading your various posts but they appear to stop in August 2019? I am curious, do you still have the Moody and is it still in Pittwater? Reason I ask is that I have just purchased a 1992 Moody 43 Eclipse and it is arriving at RMYC Newport in about a week and after a Month or so in a marina berth there will be living on a mooring in Saltpan.. It would be interesting to hear about your maintenance experience with your boat over the years as both would have been built by Marine Projects (I think).


  12. Hi Peter, yes, we still have Vega, and she is sill in Pittwater. Welcome to the being a Moody owner, they are great yachts! We have done lots of work to our 425…and have a number of friends with moodys..so we know a lot about them…happy to help with any queries or questions..I assume you have found the Moody Owners Association? Rich


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