Since the wind stopped we have had a lot going on. Anyone who has bought and fitted out a cruising yacht will know that getting to grips with a new boat takes time. To have the confidence to set off on your voyage you need to get to understand all the boats systems – so when they break you can have a decent go at fixing them….the old sailing adage is that if you cant fix it, it shouldn’t be on the boat. Food for thought.

The systems on a modern cruising yacht are numerous – Navigation Systems, Auto Pilots, Engine and Mechanical systems, Sail management systems, Toilets, Holding tanks, waste collection and discharge, water supply (our hot water is heated via the engine) and the biggie – the yacht electrical system. We have worked through each of these systems methodically assessing condition and so we can work out what needs upgrading, repairing and modernising!

So I think its safe to say we have a lot to think about but we are tackling things bit by bit and making good progress, thanks, to the locals here at the boat yard who have been super helpful.

So far we have arranged to get our life raft serviced, designed and had fabricated our new wastewater tank, (but, we still need to remove the old one…not a job we are looking forward to…), have repairs underway on our head sail and have designed, (in concept at least) our new stainless steel arch which will carry two 80W Solar panels over the transom.

We have had all dubious sea cocks replaced, have new upholstery and cushions being made for the cockpit and kids bunks, We have ordered replacement LED’s for all our light fittings (they use way less energy than regular bulbs) serviced the traveller (a main sail control) serviced the windless (the thing that lifts and lowers the anchor), solved a friction issue on the head sail furler and run through all the deck gear.

Oh, and our engine has arrived at TS Marine in the UK and is about to get sent on its way to Spain!

We thought our Autopilot had problems, but it turns out that it is fine…but the wind instrument is broken and was not talking to the Autopilot correctly hence the perceived issue with the Auto Pilot…so, we need a new wind instrument.

Other not so good news; we tried to fix a burner on our Gas stove, but it ended up in worse shape than we started and as you can no longer buy the replacement parts it looks like were up for a new stove/oven. The rudder repairs have not started yet and we are a bit unsure how to progress…so that’s this week’s job.

The kids bunk has become our temporary tool store…
Heath slacking off with a beer…
and banishing me to the aft locker!
Our Spinny…it’s huge…dunno how will ever fly this kite!

3 thoughts on “Progress…

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  1. So lovely to see you both again (albeit too brief as usual). Obviously I know jack about boats bit she looks amazing – but do you really need such a massive carrot?

    Ps that anchor had better hold otherwise we’ll never find you when we come to visit!

    Much love my adventurous friends xx


  2. Hi Rich, seems like you’ve got your work cut out there, but I imagine it’s still heaps more enjoyable than tackling the challenges of NWRL!! Good luck.


  3. Great to see things taking shape Rich. You definitely made the right decision at the right time with this adventure 😉
    Feeling envious sitting in damp Sydney with just another week in the office to look forward to.


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