2016 Route Plan

2016 Rout Plan

We are busily preparing for another live aboard season in the Mediterranean.

This years plan is to leave the island of Aegina (where Vega is wintered) near Athens in Greece and head East through the Cyclades and then South down to Crete, where amongst other things we hope to do some whale watching (the deep water off Crete is one of the best places in the Med to see humpback whales) and trek through Samaria Gorge.

After Crete we will head North up the West Peloponnese visiting some turtle conservation areas. We will then briefly retrace last years wake through the Ionian before heading across to South East Italy. Next we will sail across the Adriatic to Montenegro and the Kotor basin before slowly working our way North through the islands off the Croatian coast before visiting Slovenia and Venice. We plan to have a few land based excursions too including a bit of time exploring the Dinaric Alps and doing some white water rafting on the Tara River in Montenegro.

We will be heading into the prevailing wind most of the time so we should be up for some exciting windward beats…should be a fun trip!

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