Cast Off Party

No, its not what you think…

Cormac, one of the kids on Antigoni had a nasty fall 6 weeks ago, before we met him. He was playing on a breakwater when he fell off, fractured his skull and broke his arm. At the time he was on the island of Folegandros and there wasn’t a huge heap of medical support so Dan and Sarah had to get him helicoptered to Athens for treatment. Long story short, he has made a great recovery with no long term damage, but he has had to have a cast on his arm for the last 6 weeks. This has driven the poor fella mad, all this lovely clear water around, all the kids jumping, diving and swimming and he has been left on shore unable to swim…

Finally on  Saturday it was Cast Off day! The challenge was how to remove the cast. Both Sarah and Dan are doctors and know a thing or two about removing casts, but didn’t have the right tools. Luckily Heather came to the rescue with her most prized procession – her 18 volt Ryobi multi tool.

Poor Cormac found the whole process a bit daunting but eventually the cast was off and we had an impromptu party complete with home made mars bar cake, popcorn and a movie.

It was a lot of fun and now Cormac is finally back in the water making up for lost time 🙂

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