Rafting the Tara River

The Crew of Antigone and Vega decided a day of shore leave was required and we decided to head off into the Montenegrin mountains on a rafting trip on the Tara River. The Tara river forms (in part) the border between Montenegro and Bosnia and aparently runs through the deepest gorge in Europe.

It was a three-hour drive from Kotor to the rafting base, then another 40min 4WD drive up river to the drop off point. The scenery was truly mind blowing. Deep, lush gorges topped with craggy mountains with cold, crystal clear water flowing through them. During July and August the river has lost some of its gusto with rapids on the section we rafted being a max of grade 3, great for the kids. Earlier in the season though they can be grade 5/6.

Unlike the nanny states that many places have become you can take kids of any age on these trips, no liability waivers, no forms to fill in, and, naturally there is no requirement to be able to swim! You just get on and go. Roary (age 4) was the youngest member of our raft and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Our guide was a little on the quiet side only saying “go” to paddle and “stop” to well, you get the picture, but he seemed to know what he was doing and gulped down the beer I bought him!

All of us had a great time, the kids all loved it and spent the three hours paddleing, laughing and whooping as we careened through rapid after rapid. Half way along we all took a dip in the 11 deg. C water and drank beers from a river cooled bar. At the end of the trip, we were provided with a great lunch – I had local trout cooked on an open grill. It was fabulous and all for 40 Euro per person!


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  1. What amazing adventures you guys are having. Getting back to 9 to 5 is not going to be easy.
    Lots of love
    Gruff and Pop


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