England in Spring

Sometimes you forget to appreciate where you are from…I’ve traveled and moved about a fair bit and had forgotten just how magical the UK can be, especially in Spring and when the when the sun is shining.

Our second stopover on our way back to Vega was a week with my parents in the UK. We got to meet the latest member of the Clement family, a Scottish highland terrier called Hamish, who the kids fell immediately in love with. Both Milly and Ben adored the little fella, walkng and playing with him until he passed out infront of the fire. We spent our days walking in the lake district and the coastline around Grange Over Sands while the sun shone the blue bells swayed in the breeze. Pub lunches and real ale were in plentiful supply and the time together was great.

Our trip also coincided with the Old Warden Spring Flying Display. Old aircraft were my first love, before boats, kombis, and travels. One day I am determined to be able to fly one, but in the meantime it was great to see them flying over the fields of Bedfordshire. If you are ever in the UK and want to check out the world’s finest collection of vintage flying aircraft visit www.shuttleworth.org/the-collection/ Its well worth the trip.

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