Moody 425 – Our New Home

Moody 425
Moody 425

Well, here she is, our new family home. A beautiful 1989 Moody 425 called Vega that we bought off a retired couple in Spain. They had owned her since 2008 and she spent most of the last 6 years pottering around the Costa Brava. We first saw her in August and we closed the deal in December….but you can’t rush these things! Buying a yacht remotely, as we did, is fraught with challenges..

Vega is currently in a Marina in Roses, Spain awaiting our arrival in March. We can’t wait! Neither can Vega, she needs some TLC and we have a long list of things to complete before we set sail in April…but more on that in later blogs!

Moody 425 – Deck
Moody 425 - Aft Deck
Moody 425 – Aft Deck
Moody 425 - Cockpit
Moody 425 – Cockpit

3 thoughts on “Moody 425 – Our New Home

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  1. Hi,
    your boat looks really good on the pics, am sure you’ll have a fantastic journey with such a reliable boat.
    Have a good time and I do look forward to your future posts,


  2. Dear Rich,
    It was nice to meat you and your Family yesterday. As the weather became very bad wie diceded to leave the Port and go by ancor. Hope everything went well for all of you.
    Enjoy your Time in Greece.
    All the Best and Greetings to your Family.
    Adelheid and Haui
    SY Auryn
    Moody 425


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