A Loose Plan.

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I always seem to plan things…I think its the engineer in me looking for structure…a linear course from A to B.  Heather, my wife, plans nothing. She just wades into new situations with a confidence that when things turn to custard, she will eat the custard, lick the bowl clean and go in for a second serve. I can’t do that. As much as I would like to I can’t. I like to plan, to ensure things don’t turn to custard. Still, despite my planning, they invariably do. So why bother? Well, for me its part of the fun, researching, learning, thinking, running through the what ifs… and after all you need a plan of sorts, don’t you?

Our journey has been somewhat dictated by where we bought Vega. Spain, the Western Med. Ideally we would have started in the East and headed slowly West….anyway that wasn’t to be and its seems that our Mediterranean circumnavigation will run something like this: Hit the Balearics in April/May before they get too busy. Head to Corsica via the French Riviera.  Drop down Sardinia, head across to Sicily and then Greece (briefly) before Montenegro – Kotor and Budvar then the Dalmatian coast in Croatia before wintering in Greece….but, I guess, in the end the reality will be quite different, as we will go where the boat, wind and weather let us.

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  1. Hi guys, love the blog. So envious. I guess you’re on your way now. My plane leaves next week, I’ll see you in Espana! Kidding of course. I look forward to reading all the news. Best of luck! Burns


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