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While the rudder has taken up lots of our time, we haven’t been slacking off on other fronts. In the last two weeks we have removed our old holding tank and all its pipework from the boat.  This was an awful job as the pipework was full of the previous owners foul smelling poo!! The poo pipes ran right through the boat in a complex system that ended up emptying into a holding tank in the back of the boat. It was another tough three day job, the low point being a pipe leaking poo all over the boat ( we have only just got rid of the smell) and the high point (from my perspective) was heath being sprayed in the face by poo when a bung we put in the end of one of the pipes fired out under pressure Ha Ha Ha. Still, we managed to remove the whole system and now we have installed a much more efficient and simpler system that Heather designed – Clever girl Other things completed include a new kitchen tap installation, the fridge thermostat has been sourced and replaced, our aft head (toilet) has been rebuilt, the bilge pump taken to pieces, cleaned and overhauled. All the old UV damaged trims removed, hull polished, solar panel arch fabricated and installed, (Solar panels picked up from Narbonne in France). We have also installed two new through hull fittings (for the new Holding tank) this involved coring 38mm holes in the boat…Its always a little stressful drilling holes below the water line of a boat, but it went well. All the safety lines have also been inspected and tightened, our life raft reinstalled along with our EPIRB, Danbouy and fire extinguishers. Mum even managed to provide Vega with a smart new layer of blue Anti-foul and the hull has been polished to a lovely shine. So, after a couple of tough weeks, progress is going well and we are on target to launch on the 16th April…Heather and I are really looking forward to it. It’s been a full on month. We are both tired and want to set sail…

Old holding tank being removed..
Grandma Antifouling in her overalls!
Grandma Antifouling in her overalls!
Bilge Pump Overhaul
Bilge Pump Overhaul
Milly and Heather removing the UV damaged stripes
Milly and Heather removing the UV damaged stickers
Narbonne, France.
Narbonne, France.

3 thoughts on “Other Jobs

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  1. Good work guys, lots to do! And best to get that toilet sorted now, we know what those Clement bowels are capable of at sea – fond but smelly memories from the mid-Coral sea.


  2. Sorry Heather…..I must confess I had a wee chuckle with that post. Trying a new beauty regime? “Poo spritz”? 😘
    Lovely to see the whole family getting in the action. Great pics 🌟🌟


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