We have Launched!

After 6 weeks of very hard work, we are back in the water and had our first sail on Friday! We are all happy and relieved to have Vega back, where she belongs, in the water.

It was a massive week leading up to the launch which included fitting our new engine. This was quite a job. The old engine had to be disconnected and removed from Vega through the companionway and then the new one slowly lifted up and put in place. In addition we also fitted all new stern gear including prop and prop shaft.  All went well and the guys from TS Marine did a great job.  There was only one hitch, when the nut that secures the prop to the shaft was lost…a new one had to be ordered from the UK and good old DHL got it to us in 24 hrs.  The new engine now has 4.5 hrs on her and is going well. We also have heaps more power that before and can now motor at 7.5kts…15Km/h….whooooo hooo!

We still have quite a lot of things to sort out, but we are anticipating leaving Spain next weekend (weather depending) and heading for the French Riviera with Heathers mum and dad coming along for the ride…can’t wait.

Old Engine coming out...
Old Engine coming out…
New one on its way up..
New one on its way up..
and going in!
and going in!
In she goes..
In she goes..
She floats!
She floats!

2 thoughts on “We have Launched!

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  1. fantastic, very well done! Looking forward to your sailing updates (and hopefully not too many repair updates), you are doing a great job here… enjoy your sailing!


  2. Big congrats on your launch guys…….hope the weather is good for you to set off next weekend. Am looking forward to following your journey. xxxx


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