Fish on!

We have caught a few fish so far, but all with the Rod…not with the lure.

This fish was our first of this trip on the lure and deserves special mention…

On Saturday we were sailing along the south coast of Menorca in a 15-20 knot southerly when I noticed we had a fish on our lure, and a decent sized one at that.  We couldn’t believe it, Milly only set the lure an hour earlier. Heather and i hauled in our catch. As it drew nearer i thought we had a big barracuda on,  or possibly even a shark. But as we got her to the back of the boat a long nose came into view, we had a swordfish on the line!

As we got her alongside she started to put up a big fight and it took all our effort to get her on board.  When we did…wow. What a fish! She was a stunning young sword fish,  a good 1.2m long and weighed (I’m guessing) 15kg. She was a beaut. The kids couldn’t believe it and were whooping with amazement as we landed her.

Her skin was perfect, so silvery and shiny with incredible blue stripes down her back. Her big eyes looked at us inquisitively and clearly made a connection as we all decided she was much to young and beautiful to put on the BBQ, so we let her back in to the sea to continue on her journey. What a treat. It’s wonderful to see such fantastic marine life flourishing.

Probably a once in a lifetime experience…I don’t think any of us will forget the day we landed a Swordfish.

Ben wants us to find its daddy…

PS. I have just been informed that our fish could be a Marlin…!

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