KRKA River

We decided to leave the Adriatic sea for a while and head 8NM up the KRKA river system to a little town called Skradin, and what a lovely change it was too.

As you head up river from the port of Sibernik, an old fort town, the estuary slowly narrows into a tightly winding river that has carved its way through the surrounding landscape where shear rock walls, occasionally broken by lush green valleys line the river. It’s a beautiful place and being slow flowing it is in incredibly smooth, over night the water takes on a mirror like appearance only disturbed by an occasional fish feeding at the surface. We spent four nights here lapping up the tranquility and Heather, who’s not really a water baby, loved swimming in the cool, fresh water, with, in her own words, no salty after taste!

The main reason for making the journey up river is to visit the Krka falls, one of Croatia’s top spots. As the upper reaches of the river have low bridges, you can’t get your yacht right to the falls, so you need to take a tour boat, or, as we did hire mountain bikes and cycle 4km along a dirt track to the falls. It’s a great ride and the track gently undulates along the river before arriving at the falls. They are spectacular and the fact you can swim in the bottom pool right near the main fall is great. We got there early and were just about the only people there, but as we left in the early afternoon it was busy, but not overly so.

The whole river network is a major mussel and oyster growing area and on the way out of the river we picked up a couple of kilos of mussels which we cooked up in white wine, garlic, onion and garlic. They were sensational! Milly tried a few, but we couldn’t convince Ben to try any…he is still a bit off anything from the sea since the Tuna Dispatching a over a month ago..

From a Sailors perspective, Skradin would make a superb place to shelter from the Bora, apparently some gusts come down the valleys, but it is shallow with great holding in clay and mud. There is also a pretty cool ACI marina here with a great bar playing an eclectic selection of live music which floats across the anchorage just off the marina. In all it’s a great area to visit and highly recommended!



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