Croatian Anchorages – Part 1: Sibenik



There are lots of potential anchorages in this area, but we found many of them deep and rocky. Some of the better ones we found are shown on the map above and detailed below – clearly its not a definitive list, but just based on our experiences. When we were cruising this area the Bora wind was coming and going, so the anchorages we choose were generally sheltered from the north east.

  1. This section of coast line is a good anchorage. Some charts show no anchoring, but with the Bora blowing there were more than a few yachts sheltering in this area. There are two marinas and a fishing port and you can anchor off all of them. The wind gusts through, but the sea is flat and the holding good sand. Depths are around 8 m if you tuck in close to the shore. We didn’t venture into the town of Vodice but it looked very nice from the shore.
  2. Privic Luka – We sheltered in here from a rather nasty thunderstorm. There is a breakwater that accommodates about 10 yachts on its inside edge and then mooring buoys within the harbour with limited space left to anchor inside. You can anchor on the seaward side of the breakwater in 10m of sand and good holding. Clearly exposed from the south, but very sheltered from the north west – north east quadrants.
  3. Sibenik Town Quay – We arrived here just as the Bora was building. The bay was blowy, but once on the quay you are surprisingly sheltered. The quay has lazy lines, but only enough for one for each yacht. If a yacht uses two then the space alongside that yacht can’t be used so check before backing in. Its not a cheap wharf, we paid 400 kuna a night. There is water but no power. With a southerly, the quay is not a nice place to be, lots of swell picks up and other than being uncomfortable you would need to have those lazy lines tight to prevent getting knocked onto the wharf.
  4. This section of coastline along the inner lagoon offers great anchoring in calm conditions. You can anchor about 30m off the coast in 8-10m depth and mud. Holding is excellent. The small town of Rasline has basic provisions. We spent a couple of nights here and it was incredibly tranquil.
  5. If Skradin gets busy, or you fancy a different spot this is a nice place to drop the hook. There are often big super yachts in the channel, but you can anchor in the good sized bay in 10m, bottom is mud and clay and great holding.
  6. Skradin is a fabulous spot. You can stay in the ACI marina (apparently the most expensive in the Adriatic) or on the town quay. But for us, anchoring in the bay/channel just opposite the marina and town is magical. The water here at night is like a mirror, its flat calm and you anchor in 5-8m. The river bed is clay and mud and fantastic holding. It really is a great spot and you could easily ride the Bora out here – but apparently it gets gusty. Its a great place to visit Krka falls from or go for bush walks on the surrounding hills. Skradin has two small supermarkets and some wonderful restaurants. You could easily spend a week here just chilling.
  7. Luka Tijascica on the island of Tijat. This is a lovely bay, but it has about 15-20 mooring buoys in it which cost 250kuna a night. However the bay is not a full concession, so you can anchor in it for no charge. There is space around the mooring buoys in about 8m of water and sand. There is a great beach bar and some nice walks around the bay. You could easily ride the Bora out here on a mooring buoy, but it may be a bit tight on anchor as the mooring buoys limit how much chain you can get out.


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