Pack it up, Pack it in, Let me begin…

The Mediterranean Season 3.

Our Mediterranean sailing adventure was always meant to be a 2 year gig. However, charmed by the great people we have met and the awesome places we have seen we found the allure too much and are heading back for a third trip, this time heading west from Greece. So, once again it was time to pack up our lives.

To help fund our travels we rent our home out while we are away, so we need to clean it out and stash our possessions in the attic. It’s a big Job and never easy. This year though it seemed especially hard and as the packing was underway we all seemed a bit flat. We knew we are heading to exciting, changing times, but there is something strangely unnerving about packing up your home. I can’ t explain it. I guess as people, we have evolved to desire security and stability and we are lucky enough to have that at home, although I am acutely aware that many don’t. Leaving your comfort zone takes effort, and I guess that’s why so many of us stay within it.  New experiences are good. Learning new skills is good.  Meeting new people is good. Change is good, it’s so easy to stay at home…don’t let fear hold you back from doing what you want to do.

To add to the packing up woes, this was also the first time the kids seemed to be generally concerned about leaving friends behind…and for a parent its always hard to see your kids sad. It was a reminder that as our children grow up they are strengthening the initial transient relationships they have developed and that family dynamics are constantly shifting and changing.

This year we only decided to head back to the med in March so we were a bit more rushed than usual. Everything came together and on a cold, dark Sydney morning we locked our gate for the final time in six months and headed to Kingsford Smith. Next Stop Dubai.

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