Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

I must have flown through Dubai over 20 times….I went through 4 last year alone but have never stopped off for a look around, I know a lot of people who have lived or passed through all with differing opinions, so we decided it was about time we took a look for ourselves.

We booked a couple of nights at the Atlantis The Palm resort, which comes complete with 2 pools, waterpark, aquarium and dolphin lagoon. We have spent most of our time travelling sleeping in backpackers, friend’s floors, hostels, car back seats, kombis and boats. Our kids have never stayed in a hotel. So when we told them we were booking into a hotel for a couple of nights they were ecstatic. Ben was a bit disappointed when he found out he wouldn’t get his own butler… Hollywood has a lot to answer for! Although he soon got over the lack of a butler by the fluffy slippers left by his bed as our room was made up on the first night!.

To get to the Palm, It’s a 40 min drive through the dusty, hazy down town Dubai. As you arrive at the Atlantis resort and head into the East tower, where we were staying, you are greeted by a huge 3-story high glass window behind which is the most incredible aquarium. To say its spectacular is under-doing it. Milly and Ben were blown away and we had only just arrived.

Kids are incredible things. We had travelled for 18 hours, without much sleep and then checked in, got changed and hit the water park for 2 hours. They loved it. If you have kids and are travelling to Dubai, its a must visit. There are 12 rides in all split across two areas – Neptune and Poseidon, the latter being a bit newer. One of the star attractions is a body slide called the leap of faith.

Milly saw it and wanted in…I wasn’t sure. It looked steep, very steep. As we climbed, through the Mayan style temple and arrived at the top of the slide, there were adults getting in position, looking down and thinking better of the drop. Milly sidled up, took her position and…dropped straight in. Not one ounce of hesitation. Pretty amazing for a girl who only a couple of years ago took at least 30 minutes to summon up the courage to go down the most tame of water slides.

Both Mum and Dad were amazed. She set the bar high, I couldn’t pull out now…so with heart pumping and against my better judgment, I followed suit. Whooooweee it was a quick drop and an amazing ride. Milly was straight back up the top for more, dragging mum with her. She never ceases to amaze me. Truth is, if Milly hadn’t done it, I would probably not have done it either…so thanks Milly, already you are pushing dad’s comfort zone and you are only 10 years old.


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