Sardinian east coast

Other cruisers told us the east coast of Sardinia was a boring place to travel, with limited anchorage opportunities and lots of expensive marina time the order of the day. That may be the case in the wrong conditions, but we had a ball and anchored all the way up this spectacular coast. Sure, we picked our weather window and it was generally calm, but there are heaps of coves, bays and islands to explore. Intention and Vega pottered up the coast motoring or motor sailing a few hours a day then dropping the hook, exploring and chilling before sundowners. We had been on a bit of a mission to cover distance over the last month or so and it was just perfect to wind the pace back a bit and really get horizontal. Just Perfect.



The south east coast is quiet and isolated. There are not many tourists or yachts about and there were only ever a handful of other boats anchoring with us over night. To be fair, if there was any kind of easterly breeze most anchorages would quickly become untenable, so you need to keep your eyes to the clouds.  But in the right weather its a lovely cruising ground, just don’t get caught out. By complete contrast the north east coast from Olbia north is a millionaire’s playground and it is crazily busy. RIB’s, jet skis, and speed boats are the go here and its interesting and fun, but hardly relaxing.

Anchorages here in mid August are mayhem with super yachts packed in tight everywhere. The price tag of the average boat up here is upwards of US$30million. Some come in at $250-500million. Serious cash, but then this is where the new money hang out on their toys. Russians, Chinese, Singaporeans and lots of Middle Easterners with very deep pockets. If you don’t have a 150ft boat complete with chopper….move along please.

The place to be seen is Porto Cervo on the Costa Smeralda.  It has been named one of the most expensive resorts in the world, along as being a luxury yacht magnet and billionaires’ playground. For our little 42 footer to spend a night here would cost 269 Euro, plus tax plus water & power, plus refuge collection, plus hospitality charges… all nearly 350 Euro. The big boys spend nearly 3000 Euro a night. Incredible when you think about it. We anchored around the corner.

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