Where did 2018 go…

They say that as you get older the years go by quicker. Ever accelerating in the rush of life and work until finally the years are gone and you look back wondering what happened. Where did the time go…why is the wish list still so long?

Well, i must have got pretty old real quick as 2018 flew by. Since we got Vega back to Sydney in late 2017 we have hung up or cruising life and become weekend sailors. We have hit the 9-5 hard. Kids are back in school. House renovations are underway. It’s been hard to know what to write. Inspiration has been low.

Poor Vega has been tethered to her mooring 5 days a week. But then come the weekend, we have eagerly packed our bags and headed the hour up to Sydneys Northern beaches where Vega swings on her mooring. It’s not cruising. But it’s a wonderful thing. Arriving up on a Friday night, we paddle out to Vega, sometimes the water is so calm you can see the stars reflecting off her surface. Sometimes, if there is a westerly blowing it can feel like the 100m paddle is white water rafting, against the current. After the hustle and bustle of unloading our gear we each find our space, life slows down. The kids relax into their comfortable spaces, heather tinkers and i think. It works. We play games and as a family we reconnect after a week of school, work, karate, pottery, judo and scouts. 

We are lucky. The cruising ground where we base Vega is one of the best in Australia. Pittwater is a compact area, with enough variation to keep you interested for years. There is ample sailing in pittwater its self, or through the heads in the Tasman Sea, and beyond. There are great walks, wonderful waterfalls, white sandy beaches, camping spots, and two river networks to explore. You can have a beach to yourself or have a night out in a busy pub. So much choice.

So, Its been weekend sailing for a year now and we are all keen for a bit more adventure and are in the early stages of planning a trip north, up the east coast of Australia to the Southern Barrier reef – in particular the Capricorn and Bunker group of reefs that lie off Rockhampton, south of the Whitsundays. Sailing, snorkelling and diving will be the new order and we can’t wait.

So here’s to slowing things down a bit in 2019..


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